Each district picks a male and a female to represent there district by fighting to the death in a computer land. Each person wants to be popular as possible to get supplies in battle,given by sponsors. District 12 might finally could have a winner but might be forced to fight each other in the end. To make it more unfair the computer controllers can add monsters to the game. Back district 12 they gain convenes and riots start to break out.

best bit:the fight to the death at the end





By Otto Stapely-O’Neill

What seems like a Navy training exercise is the beginning of a battle against a species from a different planet. This epic film is based on a combat war game. This battle takes place on the seas, in the skies and on the land. Five space ships crash down on the earth, fall in the sea and one crashes in Hong Kong. The Navy spots an unknown object when it starts to activate the Navy panics and fires. Straight away it responds by blowing up three out of four of their ships. Can the last ship destroy the enemies?

Best bits: exciting and tense

You’ll like this if you like Iron Man


The Dark Knight

by Otto Stapely-O’Neill

It all starts when the Joker and his followers rob a bank, and not wanting to split the money the Joker kills them all. Back at the police station Batman scans the last bunch of dollars for finger prints but finds no matches. Harvey loses half his face now known as Two Face joins forces with the Joker to bring chaos to the small city.

Best bits: the Joker because of his comedy

You’ll like this film if you like the other Christopher Nolan Batman movies.