by Otto Stapely O’Neill

In the land of Oz there’s a prophecy of where a great wizard will fall down from the sky and save the people of Oz from the wicked witch. A wizard falls down from the sky but is he the one?The wicked which continues her evil schemes and turns her sister evil together they try to takeover Oz ,but the wizard has a small army of a china doll,a small monkey and a good which. But will it be enough?

interseting facts:Oz is made from the director of spiderman triolgy and the producer of Alice In Wander land



By Otto Stapely-O’Neill

A young skinny boy with a few injections is now a muscular man called Captain America. But the english’s plans to make an army of people like him didn’t go as expected because there was a spy who shot the head doctor and broke the spare injection. He also blew up the machine and it will take years to rebuild so now there is only one of them, Captain America who is expected to win the war. It might just not be enough though because Hitler has found a new power source that will make unbelievable weapons.So who will win the war?

Best bits: are when he takes someone out with his shield by throwing it like Frisbee

You will like this if you like: Marvel comics.

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